Selecting the Right Construction and Building Materials

Fix a budget

A set budget should be a part of the list of your goals. Fix a budget and divide it into details including the cost of construction, material, taxes, furniture and even home décor. Besides your fixed budget, keep a sum aside for any contingency. It is advisable to use a excel sheet as a tool to keep a track of your budget and expenses throughout your project.

Right placement of rooms

A bedroom should ideally be in a corner which is far away from noise or traffic. The master bedroom should not be planned near a staircase or a place where family members are more likely to come and go while you are asleep. It should also not share a wall with the central living areas. If you are building a multi-story home, plan bedroom and attached bathroom on each floor. Ensure bedrooms serve total privacy and are not easily visible from the living room. While you should count these spaces as crucial, exclude rooms which might end up being under-utilized or serve as a dumping ground for discarded things. Space planning also means giving ample scope for your pets and children.

Creating a Plan

  • The first step before building a new house is creating a design plan. You should be sure about the number of rooms you want to have in the house, their size and the scope for future expansion.
  • The budget for the construction of the house is laid down and all expenses such as the cost for blocks, cement, paints and daily wages for the laborers should be planned.
  • Make sure that the construction and building materials are purchased from reliable sources.
  • You must stick to your budget and have a contingency reserve to make up for the unexpected costs you might incur during the construction process.
  • Arrange your finances and ensure that the funds for the new house construction are available. Make your building plan and ensure that all the people who are involved with the construction process understand and approve of the safety plan

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