Inconvenience to Convenience

Step-By-Step Explanation of Renovation Process

It is very important to understand how to renovate an old house. The entire process must be done chronologically, with each step allowing you to work on specific parts of the house. 

Demolition works

Assessing the house’s condition, first demolition works need to be done. Be it the damp walls or breaking roofs, these structures need to be taken down. Demolition works are the most time-consuming. Debris and waste will be generated during the process. Make sure you have already arranged for the removal of the construction waste to avoid hazards and lawsuits.

Foundation structures

The next step is construction of the foundation structures. First, the floors are levelled using brick and mortar. In case the land has uneven slope, stumps are used to level the surface. Next walls are constructed followed by the base of the roof. If you want to insulate the walls, it will be done after the foundation layover is complete. 

Proper way to fix every closure

Once done, roofs will be covered with the slabs you have chosen. Be it the clay roof tiles or the slate tiles, they will be laid in the proper way to fix every closure. In case a drainage system needs to be installed along the roof edges, it needs to be done before tiles are laid along the sides. 

Floors and walls

Once the works are done, the final covering of the floors and walls will be laid. Concrete, aggregate, tiles, and other materials are usually used for covering the electrical and plumbing lines. 

Interior decoration

Now as the structural and foundation works are done, it’s time for interior decoration. If some extra structures need to be built, like extending the kitchen counter, building an island, enlarging the living room windows, or extending the balconies, these need to be done before interior designing and decoration. 

How Can The House’s Valuation Increase With New Upgrades?

If you want to increase the home’s valuation, the best way to do so is installing new upgrades. However, not all upgrades will enhance the market price of the property. So, to prevent you from getting the wrong update, here we have given some old house renovation ideas to Kerala for increasing the valuation. 

Main foundation

The flooring or basement needs to be upgraded. It is the main foundation and hence, it needs to be strong. The cracks and chipped areas must be hidden and sealed using the sealant liquids. Anti-slippery and waterproof coating can be applied if you are not willing to change the entire flooring. In the latter case, choose materials which are highly durable but yet classy. 

Chosen paint shades

Walls should be repainted with weather-proof paints, and dust-proof coatings. Make sure the chosen paint shades are illuminating the rooms, especially the living and the lounge. As for the bedrooms, you can go with neutral or monochrome shades. While choosing the paints, you can mix and match the colors for walls and ceilings. For example, if three walls are painted with warm cream color, the fourth wall must be mountain brown. 

Lighting options

Add enough lights in the house. There are several types of lighting options you can choose from. For example, in the kitchen, you can add rail lights facing the cooking countertop. For the islands, you can use hanging pendant lights. Similarly, for the living rooms, use ceiling panel lights. If you have large couches, you can add floor lamps. It can also be added in the lounge area. For hallways, use small wall lights at the two extremes to cast a silhouette effect. 

Electrical and plumbing works

Electrical and plumbing works must be done. The wires and drain pipes should be hidden behind the wall and floor surfaces. It will help you in making the floors and walls appear smooth and flat. Also, with the wires hidden, you can easily prevent accidents and mishaps. 

Why Is Kitchen Remodeling More Expensive Than Other Renovations? 

Yes, indeed it is true that the kitchen remodeling work is the costliest amongst all other renovation plans your house will need.Most people start planning different kitchen renovations without realizing that the total costs will exceed the entire renovation budget without any doubt. So, for them, here we have described a few reasons for which kitchen remodeling has become so expensive in the past few years. 

In most kitchen renovation plans, expansions are included. Now to build extra structures, you will have to spend money, especially if they are full wall cabinets, extra pantry storage, a new kitchen island, and others. 

Out of all the parts of the house, it is in the kitchen where you need to install multiple appliances. This will add more to your budget plan. 

Kitchens mean water pipelines, taps, faucets, sinks, drainage pipes, and other plumbing works which aren’t cheap. Also, the floors need to be covered with anti-slip coating, despite having the floors in good condition. Sometimes, based on your coating material choice, the cost will vary and increase beyond your budget.