“We are Idea Farmers, Architects, Designers, Engineers, Specialists, Surveyors, Estimators, we all work hard to cultivate and nurture the right ideas.
We look at the future and envision solutions that will fit within it we believe in the importance of empowerment and every one here is created on an equal. Ideas and opinions are always welcome and encouraged.”

“Today India is confronted with a series of challenges in the real-estate sector, and keeping in line with our Prime Minister’s vision on indigenisation and innovation, I believe in thinking out of box and come out of with new sets of ideas for developing affordable, environment friendly and visually appealing Architectural Designs.”

Binoy John

Architect and Founder, deArk Pvt. Ltd

Irene Binoy

Architect and COA, deArk Pvt. Ltd

“As a Design Director, Irene, blends innovation with practicality an unswerving focus on business results. Her multi-disciplinary expertise in Architecture, Workplace Strategy and allowed allow her to develop integrated and adaptable spaces for todays converged environment.”

“Her design solution are based on methodology that addresses the unique context and requirements of each project and site, while reflecting the specific needs, concerns and goals of clients. She is extensively involved with planning and execution strategies at deArk.”


At deArk, under the inspiring leadership of Mr. Binoy John, we enable a level playing field to promote fair competition and worldwide growth of the Construction Industry. Our Client Satisfaction index, is a testimony of Mr.John’s caliber and outstanding skill-set as an Architect.