Most Important of Critical Success Factors in Construction

When we think about a successful project, we think about a project that meets the given standards, is finished in time and within the budget. These goals are indeed needed to be reached for a project to succeed in the eyes of all stakeholders. Although projects must meet their cost, time and quality targets, broader success criteria need to relate to the project’s primary objectives – those aspects of the scheme’s delivery that will provide the anticipated benefit.

In the construction industry; time, cost and quality have long been defined as the basic criteria and factors of
measuring success. However, other several ideas have been appeared from different researchers. The structure of
this paper is first, the project success and its definition within the construction industry will be reviewed. This is
followed by introducing the concept of Critical Success Factors in the construction projects. The final section will
concludes the article and summarizing the literature review by previous researchers.

Project success is a topic long-discussed in the construction management field over a period of time. From the
summary for project evaluation criteria by previous researchers, it becomes clear that success needs to be
investigated from various perspectives. The review of the eleven leading journals on project success reveals that
cost, time, quality and management are the four basic factors of success measurement and the most important of
Critical Success Factors in construction projects success.

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