Ideas of Staircase Design

Up and down them several times a day, we don’t always see our useful staircases as a thing of beauty. However, this utilitarian part of the home can become the most showstopping piece to an interior design, using imagination and calculation. Consider the sheer size of this installation, and how by making it more sculptural, more personally styled and unique to the space we can manifest something magnificent.Straight stairs are stairs without any changes in direction. They are certainly one of the most common types of stairs found in both residential and commercial properties.

  • They can be visually interesting.
  • They can form a visual barrier to add privacy between floors.
  • They can limit sound transmission if contained within walls.
  • The central landing reduces the total potential fall down a flight of stairs.
  • A landing is a convenient place to stop.

When you are choosing a staircase for your home, there are several things to consider given the vast variety of designs available. As you plan a staircase, the primary consideration should be space, followed by ease of use and feel of the home. Depending on the space and purpose, you can choose the design of the staircase. If you have a small entrance, a U- or L-shaped staircase is best, while a double-sided staircase is suitable for large entrances. A curved design will really show off the railings and bring focus to other unique features providing you with a grand, luxurious look. A spiral staircase makes the most sense for smaller homes, even though it may not be the easiest to climb.

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