What is residential building design?

Residential design is the design of the interior of private residences. As this type design is very specific for individual situations, the needs and wants of the individual are paramount in this area of interior design.

Interior designer implies that there is more of an emphasis on planning, functional design and the effective use of space, as compared to interior decorating. An interior designer in fine line design can undertake projects that include arranging the basic layout of spaces within a building as well as projects that require an understanding of technical issues such as window and door positioning, acoustics, and lighting. Although an interior designer may create the layout of a space, they may not alter load-bearing walls without having their designs stamped for approval by a structural engineer. Interior designers often work directly with architects, engineers and contractors.

Residential design is a process that results in a new home. Architectural clients might experience confusion about this term because it represents several phases of the home design process. The process of residential design includes a contract that specifies details about design, construction and pricing obligations.Residential designers combine technical skill and creativity to develop plans for homes that improve the levels of functionality, efficiency, comfort, and appearance. Explore the education needed to become a residential designer, and get more info about their job duties and certification options.

In residential design, you will be planning and designing spaces within a client’s home or apartment. Most often, if you decide to specialize in home design, you will take it a step further and additionally specialize in a specific aspect of residential design. Maybe you’d be a kitchen redesign expert, a home office organizer, or a custom furniture designer.

Your projects will range from totally new construction- people who just built a home and want you to style its interior from start to finish- to projects in which you’re helping clients highlight, rearrange and repurpose some furniture and décor they already own in a room redesign project. You might help suggest paint colors, furniture, or new décor to clients to purchase in supplement to what they already own as well, all in an effort to enhance their home space.

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