When you start planning for a home remodel, it’s easy for the dollar signs to stack up. However, whether you’re updating because you want to make your home more comfortable or because you’re planning to sell, it is definitely possible to renovate on a budget.

The living room is one of the least expensive rooms in the house to remodel because it doesn’t require plumbing and there are no pricey fixtures to buy. The cost for this project includes the price of new flooring, new paint on walls, new trim, and a newly textured ceiling.Take the time to shop around for the supplies and materials you will need ahead of time to get the best deals. You can reap big savings with recycled or lightly used fixtures and building materials.Renovating a house on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t indulge. Choose one area of your kitchen, such as behind your stove, to splurge for a colorful mosaic backsplash and then save on the rest of your walls with sleek, white subway tile. You could also opt for the peel-and-stick backsplash option which would be easier for someone new to DIY projects and save you the tough work of grouting the tile.

Remodel the Other Living Areas in Your Home

There are plenty of ways to save money on your renovation for the other living spaces in your house, too. You can make an old room feel new again with just a fresh coat of paint, though there are other budget-friendly projects to consider.

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